Sunday, August 26, 2012

PyMyDB Backup 0.5.1

The first version of PyMyDB Backup has been released and is based on Python 2.4.3. This is a Python script that will back up your MySQL databases, calculate the size of the backed up files, tarball and compress the contents, then email the results.
To use:
    Download the EPEL RPM which can be found at:
     Install pymydb-0.5.1-1.noarch.rpm which can be found at: GitHub
         This script creates the necessary directories and user account
     After installation, there will be two scripts placed in /usr/local/bin which are and
     Run the script, this will configure the script
         Logs into the MySQL server
         Creates the backup user, sets a password, and gives him select and lock tables privileges
         Configures the email settings
     Change the permissions on the script
         chown root.pymydb
     Add the script into cron and make sure to add a password for the system user
 You can download it at my GitHub page

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